Fibber McGee – Leederville

22 Jul
I have been desperate to try this restaurant since I discovered it had a separate vegetarian menu…an Irish pub with a veggo menu is unheard of…you usually get your “stir frys” which taste of nothing but Soy. Here we were, 3 out of the four were veggos and if we wanted we could all have had different mains and then some.
So off we went to Fibber McGee’s, this time with a booking. The pub was noisy and crammed…just the way a pub should be. We walked to the back and we were seated in the dining room, which came as a bit of a surprise, it was bright, welcoming and while it was noisy it was extremely cosy. I absolutely loved it. We ordered a Bottle of South Australian Tempranillo and some beer and we were ready for the evening.
We happened to see Mains come out for other tables and were astonished at the size, we instantly decided that we would not be ordering Entrees, besides, the vegetarian entrees consisted of too much bread…Trio of dips, Garlic Bread, Soda Bread. So skip it we did. I decided on the deep fried Brie, I knew I shouldn’t, I knew I was to regret it the minute I stepped on the scales…but you cannot say no to Deep Fried Brie. The Brie was served with a beautiful Lettuce and Apple Salad and Wedges. The highlight of the dish was the salad, it was fresh nicely dressed, the Apple, I had no idea apples and red onion would go so well together. The deep fried Brie was ok, very very heavy. I had two wedges, one wedge was handed over to Mr. X and I only managed half of the second. It was very very good.
Mr. X, had the Vegetarian Pie which came with Mash, he was a bit disappointed, he described it as roast veg in a bit of pastry, but I had some of the pie and loved it. He is one hard man to please. The Mash was creamy and buttery and delicious.
While my heart was set on dessert, my belly would not allow for it. I could not have another bite, the meals were absolutely huge, and that was the consensus at the table.
All in all we had a wonderful time, the atmosphere was lovely, the service was friendly and we were made to feel very welcome. I will definitely go back, with a menu like that why would I.
Thank You Fibber McGee for a wonderful evening.
Food: 4
Service: 3.5
Ambiance: 4

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