Mela, Northbridge

27 Jun
Admittedly this review could be a tiny bit biased, I love Mela because they serve South Indian food, I crave it everytime I am homesick, hung over, upset, happy, bored. It has become some what of a ritual, every Sunday Mr. X and I go to Mela for a South Indian Breakfast and then shop at Prime Indian Grocery store.
This weekend we went on a Saturday and we were pleasantly surprised the restaurant was not as busy and noisy compared to a Sunday, we were shown a table and after a 10 minute wait, our drinks order was taken. Mr. X had a soft drink and I had an Indian Iced Tea (cocktail), it was past mid day…so why not!!! We then placed an order for breakfast, I had Idlli (steamed rice cakes) and Vada (deep fried rice and lentil dumplings) served with Sambar (Lentil Soup), coconut chutney and tomato chutney, this Im afraid is what I have everytime I am here. Mr. X had his usual, Channa Bhatura (chickpeas served with deep fried flattened bread). We also ordered Pani Puri, miniature deep fried flatted bread with potatoes and chilli sauce, you fill it up with a tamarind sauce and you eat the whole thing in one go. I gave specific instructions for the pani puri to be brought out first.
After waiting for what felt like an eternity, we had still not received our drinks or food. Mr. X gestured to our waiter and he brought Mr. X’s his soft drink. He said my cocktail was on its way. The food arrived before my cocktail, but not the pani puri like I requested, my Idlli came first and Mr.X’s Channa came next, I was so hungry I started eating. The sambar was fantastic as usual, hot spicy and delicious, the idllis were fluffy and fresh. Unfortunately the Vadas were far from crispy, it almost felt like they were stale and had just been micro waved. I enjoyed it none the less.
Mr. X’s Channa Bhattura was fantastic, the bread was crispy and puffed like it should be, the channa was delicious as always. I always love the channa bhattura, but never order it because I cannot go to Mela and not order the idllis.
The Pani Puri finally came out and I have to admit it looked terrible, there was sauce spilled on the side of the plate and the tamarind sauce did not look right. Unfortunately it tasted as bad as it looked, the whole dish tasted bland and the puri very stale. We decided it will not be a dish we would order again.
My cocktail was lovely, strong, good flavours, it had gin, and peach iced tea, that’s what I recall anyway.
While I am biased towards Mela I will say this, if your looking for great service, your looking in the wrong place, if your looking for an upmarket décor, wrong place again. But if your looking for great, authentic, reasonably priced food, you cannot go past Mela. I will continue to go back every weekend and fill my inner longing of a good home cooked South Indian breakfast.
Food: 4
 Service: 2
Ambiance: 2.5

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