Lotus, Northbridge

6 Jun
I wrote this review a while ago, so I thought I would update my blog here. 
Since arriving in Perth, Lotus was the one restaurant I kept getting recommended to over and over again, a quick look at their menu and I decided to try.  Admittedly, I like mock meat, I don’t use the soy based mock meat when cooking I use Quorn which is an egg white and Funghi based mock meat. Mr. X and I went to Lotus with my BIL and a friend.

Lotus is located on James Street, a very modest little restaurant,  plastic chairs and table covers.  On arriving we were quickly seated  were brought menus and served Chinese Tea and Water, we had wine. The menu was huge and consisted of every meat (mock) under the sun, every Chinese dish you could think of was on there from Mongolian Lamb to Chicken to Offal. On the lady’s suggestion we agreed on the banquet (even though it was a minimum of 6 and we were only 4).
The Entrees consisted of a platter of satay chicken sticks, spring rolls and deep fried wontons.  The satay sauce that accompanied the chicken was to die for and had everyone uuuuummmmming.  Following the entree was Mongolian Lamb, Prawn and Vege Stirfry, Fish Curry and Crispy fried Duck with Steamed rice.  The Mongolian lamb came out sizzling and the sauce was beautiful with little black beans and vegetables, the texture was a bit too real for me but I ate it.  The Prawn Stirfy…I have to admit I did not touch.  From the accounts at the table it was a bit bland and too fishy.  Next came the fish curry, now this I was truly dubious about but I had some anyway.  This was the best dish of the night, it was spicy, coconuty and with alot of sauce.  The fish again was a bit too real,  I only had one piece and ate the curry.  Just as we thought that we could not eat anymore out came the duck.  Now this I knew was going to be the real challenge, skin on and a plum sauce on the top I told myself there was no way I was going to eat it.  But I tried it and to my surprise I liked it, it was crispy the sauce was beautiful and the only thing that stopped me from devouring it was my tummy, I was so stuffed from all the food, I could only eat was a couple of pieces.  Dessert was a fruit platter…which was a good thing.
All in all it was an ok dinner, the meat eaters didn’t mind it but said they wouldn’t go back.  The banquet was $19.95 with $1 corkage, I would suggest going on an empty stomach, the food was very filling.  I don’t think I will be going back to this restaurant, I didn’t mind the food, but it was very heavy and all that mock meat just did not sit right.  Mr. X swore he would never return, but he was never a fan of mock meat.
Food 3
Service 3
Ambiance 2

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