Piccos Kitchen, Maylands

5 Jun
So we headed out to Maylands in search of  a scrumptious piece of cake and a Chai Latte.  After a not so little stop at Bunnings to replenish my vegie patch, the need for a piece of cake turned into desperation for lunch.  We were starving, Mr. X and I , and I had one cafe on my mind,  Mrs. S.  I’ve always wanted to go to Mrs. S for a meal, after an unintended stop for coffee months ago.  Unfortunately for us, it was packed, people were standing at the door waiting for a table.  With my stomach over ruling my patience, we decided to head off to Piccos, another cafe on my to try list.
Like many other reviews, their location came as a bit of a surprise to us, tiny little cafe next to a milk bar.  However, with all the good reviews they received, we had to try it.  We walked in, and the place was much larger on the inside, the decor was modern and I loved the huge table in the middle of the cafe.  It was not very busy, just one large group, we went up to the counter to order, the vegetarian options were not bad.  They had 2 salads, Pumpkin salad and a Chickpea Salad, they had one main, Pumpkin Ravioli with spinach and Sage with Burnt Butter ($18), and a Broccoli and Brie Tart ($8), I think there may have also been a Roast Veg Sandwich.  Mr. X went for the Ravioli and I went for the Tart.  Tentatively I asked if the tart came with salad, and she said No, but was more than happy to put one of the salads on the side for me (Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!! Finally). So I choose the Pumpkin Salad.  We also ordered the organic Ginger Beer and the Bitters. 
The food and drinks came out quickly, which was excellent, we were famished, the Ravioli looked beautiful, and the tart looked scrumptious.  Mr. X said the Ravioli tasted good, well seasoned and the butter was divine, the spinach went perfectly with the sage butter and the ravioli was gone in only a few short minutes, the only negative Mr. X said was that there was not enough, which I don’t think is a negative really.  My tart came with a huge portion of the salad, the tart itself had nice, crispy pastry and the filling was not eggy like alot of tarts I’ve had.  The Brie in the middle of the tart was just the right amount or it would have made the tart too heavy.  The only negative I had was it was not hot enough.  The salad was excellent, the olives in the salad went perfectly with the pumpkin and it ended up being a very large, satisfying meal. 
Even though I was full I just had to have their Apple and Cinnamon Tart, I noticed it while I was placing the order and I was so glad I got it.  The tart was light and crumbly and the fresh apples and cinnamon was to die for. It was not sickly sweet and clotted cream…..mmmmmmm!!!!!!!! We shared one and I almost wished we had gotten two. 
We will definitely be going back to Piccos, probably for their pizzas next time, with BYO and Pizzas you cannot go wrong.  I will also be going back for their bread, which looked delicious and fresh.  The service was good, the food was excellent and the venue, while not great from the outside was warm and inviting on the inside.  Mr. X thought the food was a bit pricey for what they were, but I thought it was ok, considering the quality of the food. 
Thank You Piccos for a great Lunch!!!!!!!!!!!
Food 4
Ambiance 3
Service 4

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2 Responses to “Piccos Kitchen, Maylands”

  1. Marissa June 6, 2011 at 10:17 am #

    hi pretentious vegetarian and mr x

    thanks so much for your review and feedback. we really appreciate your comments and will act on these, like the tart not being hot enough.

    we hope to welcome you back to piccos kitchen soon. adam is planning some wonderful winter comfort food over the coming colder months. our daily changing menus are uploading on our piccos kitchen facebook page if you are interested.

    warm regards
    marissa & adam

    • thepretentiousvegetarian June 6, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

      Your Welcome Marissa and Adam, will look forward to your winter menu, would love to see some vege winter warmers cannot wait to try your pizzas. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

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