MUST Wine Bar, Highgate

5 Jun
Last night was Date Night, and I was in charge!!!!! I knew just where I wanted to go, and what I wanted to eat….stupidly however, I didn’t make a booking and we got turned away at the door.  After a quick look in the Entertainment Book, we decided we were going to head back to Beaufort Street for a drink and decide where we wanted to eat.  Being a Saturday night and no bookings, we were praying we were not going to end up at Hungry Jacks. 
So after driving around for a few minutes looking for parking, we walked into Clarence’s for a Cocktail.  Now I have to warn you that Clarence’s and I…well, lets just say we have history and that is a whole other post.  After the very arrogant girl at the counter said they had no tables available and we could head down the back and wait for a seat, we walked out. As we strolled down Beaufort Street, Mr. X suggested the MUST Winebar, desperate for a cocktail I agreed. We walked in, it was very busy, but I managed to snag a table at the bar and we ordered our well deserved cocktails.  I had the Mars Citrus ($18) and Mr. X had the Rum Manhatten ($18), lets just say that Mr. X was successfully tipsy at the end of his cocktail.  Feeling positivity return after the cocktails I suggested we try to get a table for dinner.  We asked our very friendly waiter if that was possible, he very politely said the Bistro was completely booked but was more than happy to serve us a meal at our Bar table.  Delighted we agreed, we were brought Menus and cutlery and we set up a tab at the bar. 
When we looked at the menus and to say we were extremely disappointed would be an understatement, there was not one vegetarian meal, not an entrée, not a main, nothing!!!!!! I spoke to our waiter and explained to him that we were vegos and there was nothing on the menu we could eat.  He apologised and explained that the chef could do a pasta and risotto for us.  We agreed because we were there without a booking, they were accommodating our dietary requirements without prior notice and lastly, they were so, so nice.  Mr. X went for the pasta and I went for the risotto. 
In the short time we waited for our meals, we had 3 different wait staff approach us to ask if we were ok and if we were happy with their recommended meals, I thought that was fabulous, service I had not seen in a long, long time.  The meals came out and they looked divine.  The Pasta was a Creamy Broccolini and Chilli ($30) and I had a Beetroot Risotto with crumbled fetta ($30).  The pasta was perfectly cooked, the Broccolini was tender and the dish had just the right amount of kick to it.  My risotto was heaven, I love beetroot and the combination with the fetta was incredible.  The risotto was cooked to perfection with the right amount of crunch to it.  The portion sizes were just right which left just enough room for dessert.  I had a couple of glasses of Chandon ($12 each) with my meal.  Speaking of  wines, MUST had an incredible wine list and I am looking forward to going back to sit at the bistro and sample the wines. 
For dessert we shared a Chocolate Molleaux (I think that’s how it was spelt) with salty caramel ice cream.  Now this was just paradise on a plate, gooey molten chocolate, not too sweet, and the caramel ice cream….this was plate licking stuff…amazing is all I have to say!!!!!!  
 All in all we had a lovely date night, the service was exceptional, the food was amazing however because we were seated in the bar, the ambiance was not great, very loud…but I get it, it was the bar.  Like I said before, I will definitely go back, with a booking and will mention our requirements when I book. I’m hoping with a bit of notice, our meals will be incredible.  One thing I do have to say though….MUST, if I had looked at your menu online, I would have never come by for a meal…add a couple of vego dishes to your menu!!!!!! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Food 4.5 
Service 4.5
Ambiance 3

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One Response to “MUST Wine Bar, Highgate”

  1. Anita June 6, 2011 at 5:08 am #

    OK i looove beetroot risotto. I tried it with goats cheese which was amazing but when i cooked it at home i used fetta because goats cheese was too expensive ( i was only going to use a little bit!). I do think $30 for a meal was a bit much but i guess if it was quality food then it’s OK. That dessert looks divine. If you do visit CBR there are a couple of places that i can take you to that i know you will like….

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