Cranked Coffee, Leederville

23 May
Another Sunday, another lunch, another mediocre review, I am either not going to the right places or the blog Gods want bad reviews…or is that the restaurant Gods.
So Mr. X and I set off to Subiaco in search of a Fig Tree, after we put my prized purchase in the boot, we decided to head down to Leederville for some lunch.  I love Leederville, reminds me of Melbourne, my favourite shop on the strip is the Record Shop that I faithfully visit everytime I am there, but never cool enough to buy anything, but I still visit. 
Anyway, Entertainment book in hand, off we went to Cranked Coffee.  It looked really good, quite crowded, which we assumed had to be a good thing and with 25% off the bill, how could you go wrong.  We went up to the cafe and waited to be seated, when no one came up to us, we just helped ourselves to the nearest table and grabbed a couple of  Menus in the process.  Looked at the menu and we were terribly disappointed, there were two token vegetarian dishes on the menu, Roast Veg Ciabatta Sandwich and Pumpkin and Israeli Couscous salad.  Mr. X decided that he was going to have the Egg and Bacon Ciabatta, without the bacon, and I resigned myself to the salad.  The food came out in no time at all, considering the number of people at the cafe, I thought that was pretty good. 
The Egg Sandwich was…an Egg Sandwich, nothing special, Mr. X complained about seasoning but there were no Salt and Pepper shakers on the tables so he just ate it as it was.  My salad was…a salad, there was nothing special about it.  It had badly roasted eggplant (which I know is very, very hard to get right…but come on!!!), pumpkin, sweet potato, and the star of the dish, roasted tomatoes.  They were beautiful, sweet and the flavour of the balsamic gave the dish the lift it needed.  The salad also had the Israeli Couscous (which I am not a fan of by the way, very very bland) and Bocconcini.
On the whole the food was average, the service was average and there was no ambiance at all because the music blasting over the speakers.  I could barely hear Mr. X over the screeching pop, which then changed to drum and bass and then to some hip hop.  We were in and out in less than half an hour, which was sad because I was hoping for a long, lazy lunch. 
It was not all bad though….my highlight?????  We were seated next to Ernie Dingo!!!!! MMMMmmmm….he looks just as handsome in real life as he does on TV.
All in all that’s the next eatery/cafe I will be putting on my never again list, I could have tolerated the crowd, the jarring music and the average service…IF the food was good….but it wasn’t.
Food: 2.5
Service: 3
Ambiance: 2

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