Oakover Winery, Middle Swan

16 May
Eeeek my first review!!!!!  Unfortunately it’s not a very good one.  On the weekend Mr. X (this was HIS preferred code name…not mine!!!!), headed off to the Swan Valley for some lunch and to replenish my very shabby wine rack.  We decided on Oakover for a couple of reasons, 1) I had an entertainment voucher, and 2) we were starving and it was basically the first winery we hit. 
The drive in was beautiful, the restaurant was cozy and warm, even though we choose to sit in the patio.  There was 70th Birthday celebration and they had a string quartet, which was nice, but for some reason I thought they were playing the same song over and over.  The service, was really good, we were seated and offered drinks almost straight away, and the drinks came out quickly too.  I had a Cab Merlot and Mr. X had a soft drink.  The wine should have been a preview to the meal, I am no wine connoisseur but it tasted terrible.  I drank it anyway.
The menu looked ok, we decided on just mains because we didn’t want to fill up before the wine tasting.  I ordered the Arancini and Mr. X ordered the Vegetarian Crepes.  I asked the waitress if the Arancini came with salad and she said No.  I asked her if I could have a small side salad and she said No, I would have to order the separate Garden salad…to which I said NO.  It always astounds me that restaurants in Perth will not do little things like put a few lettuce leaves on a plate to please a customer. 
Anyway, the food came out in roughly 10 minutes which we were happy with, but that was about it.  My Arancini was crispy on the outside and just mush on the inside.  It screamed out for seasoning but even the seasoning didn’t help.  It was bland and tasted like boiled rice.  Mr. X’s crepes looked good but again needed a heap of seasoning and the roast veg in the crepe was under cooked, the eggplant was chewy and the Ratatoullie was very very sour.  We swapped dishes because I just could not eat my Arancini.  We were thankful we didn’t order entrees and we were definitely thankful that we had an Entertainment voucher. 
I dont think Mr. X and I will be visiting Oakover again, not even if we are starving.  In my opinion the vegetarian dishes on the menu were weak with no imagination or thought put into them.  You dont have to in the Swan Valley, there are heaps of wineries and restaurants that serve delicious food.
Service: 4.5
Food: 2
Thanks but no Thanks!!

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