Fibber McGee – Leederville

22 Jul
I have been desperate to try this restaurant since I discovered it had a separate vegetarian menu…an Irish pub with a veggo menu is unheard of…you usually get your “stir frys” which taste of nothing but Soy. Here we were, 3 out of the four were veggos and if we wanted we could all have had different mains and then some.
So off we went to Fibber McGee’s, this time with a booking. The pub was noisy and crammed…just the way a pub should be. We walked to the back and we were seated in the dining room, which came as a bit of a surprise, it was bright, welcoming and while it was noisy it was extremely cosy. I absolutely loved it. We ordered a Bottle of South Australian Tempranillo and some beer and we were ready for the evening.
We happened to see Mains come out for other tables and were astonished at the size, we instantly decided that we would not be ordering Entrees, besides, the vegetarian entrees consisted of too much bread…Trio of dips, Garlic Bread, Soda Bread. So skip it we did. I decided on the deep fried Brie, I knew I shouldn’t, I knew I was to regret it the minute I stepped on the scales…but you cannot say no to Deep Fried Brie. The Brie was served with a beautiful Lettuce and Apple Salad and Wedges. The highlight of the dish was the salad, it was fresh nicely dressed, the Apple, I had no idea apples and red onion would go so well together. The deep fried Brie was ok, very very heavy. I had two wedges, one wedge was handed over to Mr. X and I only managed half of the second. It was very very good.
Mr. X, had the Vegetarian Pie which came with Mash, he was a bit disappointed, he described it as roast veg in a bit of pastry, but I had some of the pie and loved it. He is one hard man to please. The Mash was creamy and buttery and delicious.
While my heart was set on dessert, my belly would not allow for it. I could not have another bite, the meals were absolutely huge, and that was the consensus at the table.
All in all we had a wonderful time, the atmosphere was lovely, the service was friendly and we were made to feel very welcome. I will definitely go back, with a menu like that why would I.
Thank You Fibber McGee for a wonderful evening.
Food: 4
Service: 3.5
Ambiance: 4

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Seizan, Perth cbd

14 Jul
It seems I always write these reviews while I am very nearly at the brink of starvation.  On Friday Mr. X and a friend of ours went into the cbd for a few drinks, after trying to get into a couple of restaurants for dinner including Greenhouse, we ended up at Seizan Japanese Restaurant. To be honest this was not my first choice, I have been here for lunch before and was not very impressed.  However, with tummies growling, we decided that we were not going to bother trying to get in somewhere else.
Seizan is located in the basement on Hay Street and the décor is bright and welcoming and we were seated immediately and our drinks order was taken. I had a Glass of Shiraz and Mr. X had a beer. The menu was quite lengthy, however I was craving a Japanese Curry and they had none.  I was disappointed.  Anyway, we decided we were too hungry to order Entrees so we decided on Mains.
I had the Vegetarian Bento Box and Mr. X had the Tempura Vegetables.  It was quite a wait for the food and I was starting to get annoyed, I have to admit though that this could have been a result of being famished.
My Bento box was huge, I had 2 pieces of Avocado Sushi, Tempura vegetables, Fried Eggplant, fried Tofu, pickles, miso soup, and steamed rice oh and salad with 2 dressing/ sauces.  Everything was fresh and beautiful, the sushi and the eggplant was particularly nice.  The Tempura vegetables, was a bit disappointing, I found it a bit heavy, and it consisted mainly of potato.  I did not have the Miso Soup because I hate Miso, but the Tofu again was lovely. 
Mr. X demolished his Tempura vegetables.  He even ate my Tofu.  However he did say that he was not very impressed with his dish.  He also found it a bit heavy, I guess that would be the deep frying and you cannot help that with tempura now can you.
We did not have dessert, we were way too full.  The food was fresh and very filling, I cannot say that I was impressed and I would go back, because in all likelihood I will not.  I love Japanese and I know I can have better elsewhere.  The service was good, prompt. All in all, if I ever do go back it will be because I am starving and there is nowhere else I can go. 
Food: 3
Service: 3.5
Ambiance: 3

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Mela, Northbridge

27 Jun
Admittedly this review could be a tiny bit biased, I love Mela because they serve South Indian food, I crave it everytime I am homesick, hung over, upset, happy, bored. It has become some what of a ritual, every Sunday Mr. X and I go to Mela for a South Indian Breakfast and then shop at Prime Indian Grocery store.
This weekend we went on a Saturday and we were pleasantly surprised the restaurant was not as busy and noisy compared to a Sunday, we were shown a table and after a 10 minute wait, our drinks order was taken. Mr. X had a soft drink and I had an Indian Iced Tea (cocktail), it was past mid day…so why not!!! We then placed an order for breakfast, I had Idlli (steamed rice cakes) and Vada (deep fried rice and lentil dumplings) served with Sambar (Lentil Soup), coconut chutney and tomato chutney, this Im afraid is what I have everytime I am here. Mr. X had his usual, Channa Bhatura (chickpeas served with deep fried flattened bread). We also ordered Pani Puri, miniature deep fried flatted bread with potatoes and chilli sauce, you fill it up with a tamarind sauce and you eat the whole thing in one go. I gave specific instructions for the pani puri to be brought out first.
After waiting for what felt like an eternity, we had still not received our drinks or food. Mr. X gestured to our waiter and he brought Mr. X’s his soft drink. He said my cocktail was on its way. The food arrived before my cocktail, but not the pani puri like I requested, my Idlli came first and Mr.X’s Channa came next, I was so hungry I started eating. The sambar was fantastic as usual, hot spicy and delicious, the idllis were fluffy and fresh. Unfortunately the Vadas were far from crispy, it almost felt like they were stale and had just been micro waved. I enjoyed it none the less.
Mr. X’s Channa Bhattura was fantastic, the bread was crispy and puffed like it should be, the channa was delicious as always. I always love the channa bhattura, but never order it because I cannot go to Mela and not order the idllis.
The Pani Puri finally came out and I have to admit it looked terrible, there was sauce spilled on the side of the plate and the tamarind sauce did not look right. Unfortunately it tasted as bad as it looked, the whole dish tasted bland and the puri very stale. We decided it will not be a dish we would order again.
My cocktail was lovely, strong, good flavours, it had gin, and peach iced tea, that’s what I recall anyway.
While I am biased towards Mela I will say this, if your looking for great service, your looking in the wrong place, if your looking for an upmarket décor, wrong place again. But if your looking for great, authentic, reasonably priced food, you cannot go past Mela. I will continue to go back every weekend and fill my inner longing of a good home cooked South Indian breakfast.
Food: 4
 Service: 2
Ambiance: 2.5

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The Beaufort Street Merchant, Highgate

22 Jun

After a hectic morning looking after a sick cat, and attending a rally, I was excited to have been invited to lunch at The Beaufort Street Merchant.  I’ve been to the Merchant several times for breakfast and they have never failed to impress, it is on my cards to do a proper review on the Breakfast.

Anyway, so a group of roughly 7 of us met (I have to admit I was running rather late) at lunch time and were seated at the back of the café.  The café was filled to capacity and was rather loud, but I enjoyed the atmosphere, it was warm on quite a chilly day and quite inviting.  We ordered a bottle of wine and were given the specials, the vegetarian special was a cauliflower and blue cheese soup served with crusty bread.  After a quick look at the menu I decided that I was going to have the soup, I can never go past Blue cheese, much to Mr. X’s disgust.  Mr. X ordered the Moroccan Tagine and Mrs K ordered the Israeli Couscous Salad and Goats Curd.

There was a bit of a wait with the food, but considering how busy the café was they did well.  All of the meals came out together for the exception of one fish dish which I think was missed when the order was placed. 

The cauliflower soup was beautiful, I loved that they served it in a little saucepan.  The bread was fresh, I would have loved some butter, but that was just my preference.  The soup was warm, and only a hint of Blue Cheese, which was perfect, the soup needed a lot of seasoning, but it was a consensus at the table that all of the food needed seasoning. The texture of the soup was different, I thought it had blended white beans or cannellini beans, but all in all a delicious soup.

Mr. X’s tagine was served in a little tagine with a small side of Israeli Couscous, lots of well cooked, crunchy vegetables, in a beautiful sauce.  However, the meal was very very spicy, now Mr. X can handle quite a bit of heat, he actually enjoys it, but even he struggled to finish it.  It was a shame really because the heat completely overtook the flavours of the dish. 

Last but not least, the Israeli couscous salad with Goats curd.  Now I did not taste this particular dish but Mrs. K enjoyed it, it was again served beautifully and was light.

All in all The Merchant was impressive, three vegetarians at the table and we could all order different meals, this is a first, atleast for me.  There was great care taken with the presentation of the meals and the service was fantastic.  I will definitely go back to review the breakfasts, I have my eye on the French Toast, but that is for another day.

From our little group to you Merchant…Thank You for a wonderful meal. 

Food: 4.5

Service: 4

Amibiance: 3.5


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Lotus, Northbridge

6 Jun
I wrote this review a while ago, so I thought I would update my blog here. 
Since arriving in Perth, Lotus was the one restaurant I kept getting recommended to over and over again, a quick look at their menu and I decided to try.  Admittedly, I like mock meat, I don’t use the soy based mock meat when cooking I use Quorn which is an egg white and Funghi based mock meat. Mr. X and I went to Lotus with my BIL and a friend.

Lotus is located on James Street, a very modest little restaurant,  plastic chairs and table covers.  On arriving we were quickly seated  were brought menus and served Chinese Tea and Water, we had wine. The menu was huge and consisted of every meat (mock) under the sun, every Chinese dish you could think of was on there from Mongolian Lamb to Chicken to Offal. On the lady’s suggestion we agreed on the banquet (even though it was a minimum of 6 and we were only 4).
The Entrees consisted of a platter of satay chicken sticks, spring rolls and deep fried wontons.  The satay sauce that accompanied the chicken was to die for and had everyone uuuuummmmming.  Following the entree was Mongolian Lamb, Prawn and Vege Stirfry, Fish Curry and Crispy fried Duck with Steamed rice.  The Mongolian lamb came out sizzling and the sauce was beautiful with little black beans and vegetables, the texture was a bit too real for me but I ate it.  The Prawn Stirfy…I have to admit I did not touch.  From the accounts at the table it was a bit bland and too fishy.  Next came the fish curry, now this I was truly dubious about but I had some anyway.  This was the best dish of the night, it was spicy, coconuty and with alot of sauce.  The fish again was a bit too real,  I only had one piece and ate the curry.  Just as we thought that we could not eat anymore out came the duck.  Now this I knew was going to be the real challenge, skin on and a plum sauce on the top I told myself there was no way I was going to eat it.  But I tried it and to my surprise I liked it, it was crispy the sauce was beautiful and the only thing that stopped me from devouring it was my tummy, I was so stuffed from all the food, I could only eat was a couple of pieces.  Dessert was a fruit platter…which was a good thing.
All in all it was an ok dinner, the meat eaters didn’t mind it but said they wouldn’t go back.  The banquet was $19.95 with $1 corkage, I would suggest going on an empty stomach, the food was very filling.  I don’t think I will be going back to this restaurant, I didn’t mind the food, but it was very heavy and all that mock meat just did not sit right.  Mr. X swore he would never return, but he was never a fan of mock meat.
Food 3
Service 3
Ambiance 2

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MUST Wine Bar, Highgate

5 Jun
Last night was Date Night, and I was in charge!!!!! I knew just where I wanted to go, and what I wanted to eat….stupidly however, I didn’t make a booking and we got turned away at the door.  After a quick look in the Entertainment Book, we decided we were going to head back to Beaufort Street for a drink and decide where we wanted to eat.  Being a Saturday night and no bookings, we were praying we were not going to end up at Hungry Jacks. 
So after driving around for a few minutes looking for parking, we walked into Clarence’s for a Cocktail.  Now I have to warn you that Clarence’s and I…well, lets just say we have history and that is a whole other post.  After the very arrogant girl at the counter said they had no tables available and we could head down the back and wait for a seat, we walked out. As we strolled down Beaufort Street, Mr. X suggested the MUST Winebar, desperate for a cocktail I agreed. We walked in, it was very busy, but I managed to snag a table at the bar and we ordered our well deserved cocktails.  I had the Mars Citrus ($18) and Mr. X had the Rum Manhatten ($18), lets just say that Mr. X was successfully tipsy at the end of his cocktail.  Feeling positivity return after the cocktails I suggested we try to get a table for dinner.  We asked our very friendly waiter if that was possible, he very politely said the Bistro was completely booked but was more than happy to serve us a meal at our Bar table.  Delighted we agreed, we were brought Menus and cutlery and we set up a tab at the bar. 
When we looked at the menus and to say we were extremely disappointed would be an understatement, there was not one vegetarian meal, not an entrée, not a main, nothing!!!!!! I spoke to our waiter and explained to him that we were vegos and there was nothing on the menu we could eat.  He apologised and explained that the chef could do a pasta and risotto for us.  We agreed because we were there without a booking, they were accommodating our dietary requirements without prior notice and lastly, they were so, so nice.  Mr. X went for the pasta and I went for the risotto. 
In the short time we waited for our meals, we had 3 different wait staff approach us to ask if we were ok and if we were happy with their recommended meals, I thought that was fabulous, service I had not seen in a long, long time.  The meals came out and they looked divine.  The Pasta was a Creamy Broccolini and Chilli ($30) and I had a Beetroot Risotto with crumbled fetta ($30).  The pasta was perfectly cooked, the Broccolini was tender and the dish had just the right amount of kick to it.  My risotto was heaven, I love beetroot and the combination with the fetta was incredible.  The risotto was cooked to perfection with the right amount of crunch to it.  The portion sizes were just right which left just enough room for dessert.  I had a couple of glasses of Chandon ($12 each) with my meal.  Speaking of  wines, MUST had an incredible wine list and I am looking forward to going back to sit at the bistro and sample the wines. 
For dessert we shared a Chocolate Molleaux (I think that’s how it was spelt) with salty caramel ice cream.  Now this was just paradise on a plate, gooey molten chocolate, not too sweet, and the caramel ice cream….this was plate licking stuff…amazing is all I have to say!!!!!!  
 All in all we had a lovely date night, the service was exceptional, the food was amazing however because we were seated in the bar, the ambiance was not great, very loud…but I get it, it was the bar.  Like I said before, I will definitely go back, with a booking and will mention our requirements when I book. I’m hoping with a bit of notice, our meals will be incredible.  One thing I do have to say though….MUST, if I had looked at your menu online, I would have never come by for a meal…add a couple of vego dishes to your menu!!!!!! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Food 4.5 
Service 4.5
Ambiance 3

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Piccos Kitchen, Maylands

5 Jun
So we headed out to Maylands in search of  a scrumptious piece of cake and a Chai Latte.  After a not so little stop at Bunnings to replenish my vegie patch, the need for a piece of cake turned into desperation for lunch.  We were starving, Mr. X and I , and I had one cafe on my mind,  Mrs. S.  I’ve always wanted to go to Mrs. S for a meal, after an unintended stop for coffee months ago.  Unfortunately for us, it was packed, people were standing at the door waiting for a table.  With my stomach over ruling my patience, we decided to head off to Piccos, another cafe on my to try list.
Like many other reviews, their location came as a bit of a surprise to us, tiny little cafe next to a milk bar.  However, with all the good reviews they received, we had to try it.  We walked in, and the place was much larger on the inside, the decor was modern and I loved the huge table in the middle of the cafe.  It was not very busy, just one large group, we went up to the counter to order, the vegetarian options were not bad.  They had 2 salads, Pumpkin salad and a Chickpea Salad, they had one main, Pumpkin Ravioli with spinach and Sage with Burnt Butter ($18), and a Broccoli and Brie Tart ($8), I think there may have also been a Roast Veg Sandwich.  Mr. X went for the Ravioli and I went for the Tart.  Tentatively I asked if the tart came with salad, and she said No, but was more than happy to put one of the salads on the side for me (Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!! Finally). So I choose the Pumpkin Salad.  We also ordered the organic Ginger Beer and the Bitters. 
The food and drinks came out quickly, which was excellent, we were famished, the Ravioli looked beautiful, and the tart looked scrumptious.  Mr. X said the Ravioli tasted good, well seasoned and the butter was divine, the spinach went perfectly with the sage butter and the ravioli was gone in only a few short minutes, the only negative Mr. X said was that there was not enough, which I don’t think is a negative really.  My tart came with a huge portion of the salad, the tart itself had nice, crispy pastry and the filling was not eggy like alot of tarts I’ve had.  The Brie in the middle of the tart was just the right amount or it would have made the tart too heavy.  The only negative I had was it was not hot enough.  The salad was excellent, the olives in the salad went perfectly with the pumpkin and it ended up being a very large, satisfying meal. 
Even though I was full I just had to have their Apple and Cinnamon Tart, I noticed it while I was placing the order and I was so glad I got it.  The tart was light and crumbly and the fresh apples and cinnamon was to die for. It was not sickly sweet and clotted cream…..mmmmmmm!!!!!!!! We shared one and I almost wished we had gotten two. 
We will definitely be going back to Piccos, probably for their pizzas next time, with BYO and Pizzas you cannot go wrong.  I will also be going back for their bread, which looked delicious and fresh.  The service was good, the food was excellent and the venue, while not great from the outside was warm and inviting on the inside.  Mr. X thought the food was a bit pricey for what they were, but I thought it was ok, considering the quality of the food. 
Thank You Piccos for a great Lunch!!!!!!!!!!!
Food 4
Ambiance 3
Service 4

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